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Fire in the North

Imagine if one day Canada started firing rockets into the Northern US. There aren't many casualties, but 50,000 people in North Dakota have to move to New Mexico until the bombing stops. They watch from afar as their land and hills burn. How long do you think the US would allow this to happen? What would the US do in response?

While much of the world's attention is focused on Gaza (for better or for worse), we must begin to draw attention to the North of Israel.

For the past several weeks and months, Hezbollah has been firing rockets and explosive drones into the North of Israel from Lebanon. Hezbollah is an armed terror group funded by Iran and serves as their proxy.

While civilian casualties are low, tens of thousands of Israelis are displaced and the beautiful, scenic North is currently ablaze. How long can Israel go on this way?

As the Gaza operation winds down, either by ceasefire or by defeating Hamas, the resources will certainly go to securing peace in the North. Israel cannot be expected to abide by any scenario where Iranian proxies can terrorize civilians. If Lebanon cannot control Hezbollah (they can't) the IDF must have worldwide support in eliminating the threat.

Meet Douglas Murray

Douglas Murray is a British writer and political commentator. He also has a weekly article featured in Bari Weiss' Free Press. While I have not followed his career, he has come to my attention as a fierce defender of Israel and a critic of the world's double standard concerning the Jewish State. While I can't say I agree with everything he says, he is one of the best at succinctly identifying the hypocrisy in the endless condemnation of the Jewish state.

Checking in on One of Our Heroes

Early on in this blog we called attention to David Draiman, the lead singer of Disturbed. He has not disappointed or tired in his advocacy. On Monday of this week he was awarded the 2024 joint Jerusalem Post and World Zionist Organization award for outstanding contribution to the fight against antisemitism. Rock on! What a hero.

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1 Comment

Mike Fein
Mike Fein
Jun 07

Under your Canadian scenario, while local and national conservatives would be providing resources and aid to ND, the Administration and the MSM would be blaming Trump for the eco-disaster, and the progs would be blaming the Jews. I like Doug Murray, but he is too smart for me.

The appearance of Bari Weis and Noa Tishby at CGOP was a major turning point in the strength of my Zionism. On X, the concept of “Zionists following Zionists” has made it easy to engage not only the premier accounts, but everyday people around the globe. Despite shadow-banning, this network is developing as a voting bloc, witness the success of Israel in the Eurovision event.

X shows conservative Zionists overwhelm Liberal Zionists.…

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