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The Miracle and the Myth

Updated: Feb 27

In this issue:

The Miracle: IDF Frees 2 Hostages From Gaza

Hostages Fernando Marman and Louis Har greeted by loved ones after they were freed

After months in captivity by Hamas, the Israeli Defense Forces freed two hostages from Gaza. Watch the incredible footage here.

Fernando Marman (age 61) and Louis Har (age 70) were held in a civilian home guarded by Hamas terrorists. It is truly a miracle that the IDF was able to bring them home safely. Thank God!


The Myth: Figures From The Gaza Ministry Of Health

After the successful raid that freed the hostages, it was reported that 100 Palestinian civilians were killed. Then it was 48. Then it was 20. Now it's 100 again. Why do the numbers vary? It's not because they learn new information, it's because these figures are provided by the "Gaza Ministry of Health."

The Gaza Ministry of Health is run by Hamas and is little more than a propaganda machine. They don't count the dead, nor do they distinguish between militants and civilians. It doesn't take more than a passing glance to realize that their statistics are unreliable. If you listen to them, 30,000 Palestinians have been killed; all civilians. Mostly women and children.

With minimal rational thinking, one should deduce that if Israel were indiscriminately bombing Gaza, then the deaths should be relatively consistent with the demographics of the population. Yet the Gaza Ministry of Health would have us believe that there are no fighting aged men and women, no militants, and no terrorists.

While it will take time to asses, Israel believes that the majority of people killed in Gaza are, in fact, terrorists; and that Israel is going above and beyond to comply with international law.

So above all else...please go out of your way to disregard and discredit any numbers from the Gaza Ministry of Health.


John Spencer On The Laws of War

The best thing I've read this week would be an op-ed by John Spencer, the chair of urban warfare studies at the Modern War Institute (MWI) at West Point. The op-ed is titled "Opinion: I’m an expert in urban warfare. Israel is upholding the laws of war." You can read it here.


Musicians Rock!

Presented without comment:

Ozzy reveals he turned down a permissions request from Kanye West because of West's antisemitism


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