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This Lie Cannot Stand

If you read and share anything from this blog, please let this be it.

If you have been reading TWiZ since the beginning, you know that we have been asking readers to be weary of numbers provided by the Gaza Ministry of Health. More than that, we have been shocked and disappointed that major media outlets so readily trust their word.

The Gaza Ministry of Health is an unscientific propaganda machine put forth by a terrorist organization.

The United Nations has recently revised its estimated civilian deaths to show that 50% fewer women and children were killed than previously reported.

Since the onset of the war--even before Israel began its counter-offensive--we have been hearing the Gaza Ministry of Health pull numbers out of thin air. Israel, seven months later, still doesn't know how many were killed that day. Hamas doesn't know the location of their hostages. But we're supposed to believe that can honestly count their dead?

These round numbers...10,000 killed, 20,000 killed, 40,000 killed...come from a single unreliable source. The willingness of so many media outlets to use these numbers translates to Jews hearing them chanted on college campuses. It creates a blood libel and accusations of genocide.

Furthermore, even if the numbers that Hamas stated were true, they don't distinguish between combatant and civilian. If a 17 year old man stabs an Israeli and is killed in the process, he's one of the "children." Remember, Hamas does not have a uniform. They intentionally blur the lines between their members and civilians so they can increase the number of casualties.

The United Nations stated that they can only verify a certain amount of Hamas' reported deaths. The rest they go by Hamas' accounting. Upon releasing the report that the deaths of women and children were fewer than previously reported, they cautioned that they still cannot state the number with certainty.

The UN should have exercised that caution before putting out a bloated number that has no doubt contributed to the meteoric rise in Jew hatred in this country.

Based on the IDF's estimates, the ratio of combatants to civilians killed in this conflict is about 1:1.2. Given that it is Hamas' core strategy to use human shields, the precision and care the IDF has taken to minimize civilian deaths is nothing short of exemplary.

Just much different would this war be if Hamas cared about its civilians as much as the IDF does?

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