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Who Would Be So Insensitive as to Attack on Ramadan?

Ramadan Reality Check

I saw a tweet (or an X...what do we call it now?) that read "If anyone attacked Israel on a Jewish holiday, there would be worldwide outrage. But Somehow when it's Muslims, It doesn't matter? This is pure hate."

The author of this tweet was refering to the potential of in Israeli incursion in the Rafah during Ramadan, which begins on March 10th. Here are two small reality checks followed by one big one.

Reality Check 1: The current war started because Hamas invades Israel on Simchat Torah, one of our most sacred dates of celebration.

Reality Check 2: A coaltion of Arab armies invaded Israel on Yom Kippur in 1973. Yom Kippur is our most solemn observance and the Arabs attacked knowing they could catch us off guard (ie. observing our religion.)

Big Reality Check: Not only have the invading Arab armies shown no consideration or respect for Jewish holidays, the Arab coalition started the Yom Kippur War DURING RAMADAN.

While Israel is working to protect their people, they are also committed to protecting and preserving the Muslim right pray on the Temple Mount during Ramadan.

Meet a True Hero of the Jewish People

International lawyer, diplomat, writer and activist, Hillel C. Neuer is the Executive Director of UN Watch, a human rights NGO in Geneva, Switzerland. The United Nations has proven itself to be openly hostile and biased agains the Jewish State. Hillel has dedicated his career to defending our people. While it may be most of our instinct to cut and run from an organization that is so biased against us, Hillel Neuer fights on. Here is one of my favorite Hilllel Neuer moments at the UN, and here is how you can learn more:

Jewish Dissapointment of the Week

Jon Stewart, who is a brilliant comedian, is back with a weekly show leading up to the election. Stewart has a history of amplifying Hamas propaganda and ignoring facts when it comes to Israel. He is doing the same once again, which reminded me of when he had then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on his show.

While I can't find the video online anymore, here is a link to a transcript of how she rebutted his anti-Israel talking points. Anyone who has knowledge of the region and experience dealing with terrorists like Hamas answers the same way. Here is a enchange where Stewart asks us to view Hamas as "freedom fighters."

Stewart: Don’t you think they (Gazans) would look at that, though, as, they’ve given a lot of different things a chance, these (Hamas) are the only guys to them that are giving any resistance to what their condition is and if you’re living in that situation, couldn’t you see yourself thinking, these are our freedom fighters, even if they might be viewed differently?

Clinton: I don’t agree with that for a couple of reasons. When Israel withdrew from Gaza, and I was aware of that, I was in the Senate, I was talking to the people who were organizing it, they left a lot of their businesses. There was a very valuable horticultural business that was set up by the Israelis that had lived in Gaza , and the idea was that this would be literally turned over, money was provided, there would be a fund that would train Palestinians in Gaza to do this work. And basically, the leadership said, ‘We don’t want anything left from Israel.’ Destroyed it all. That mentally, to me, is hard to deal with. If you look at the Palestinian Authority, even though it’s hard for them, they have said we want to end the violence, we want to negotiate a two-state solution, and we recognize Israel’s right to exist. Hamas has not, and says it will not do that.


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