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Zionism Benefits the Entire World

Today's post comes to us from contributor Brian Ebarb. Thanks, Brian!

Zionism Benefits the Entire World

“Zionism” has become a dirty word, without the vast majority of people knowing what it actually means or how it has benefited them personally.

Global history shows us that unlike almost every other “-ology” or “-ism”, Zionism doesn’t expand itself:

  • Capitalism subtly exports itself.

  • Socialism maliciously exports itself.

  • Communism forcibly exports itself.

  • Christianity forcibly exports itself.

  • Islam forcibly exports itself.

  • Zionism just wants to be left alone.

Even when Israel had the opportunity to permanently expand its land holdings to include vast natural resources, Israel has chosen to give back land to buy peace.[1] Even where it didn’t work, Israel has tried to give back land to buy peace. [2]

The modern nation of Israel was created out of the literal dust of the Middle East by the force of will of Zionists. It has been maintained through the force of will of Zionists. Zionism has built an economy out of a land without substantial agricultural capabilities. Some countries have been able to create and maintain substantial economies based on the availability of natural resources (Russia, United States, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, etc.). Unfortunately, this has not been the case for Israel.

Israel is not known for being a major exporter of agricultural, fossil fuel, or other natural resources. Instead, the modern Israeli economy has largely been based on high-tech innovation and services. Pharmaceuticals [3], telecommunications, military hardware [4], and technological advances in other fields [5] dominate the physical exports of Israel.

None of these things spring fully-formed from or can be directly harvested from the earth. All of them have required that the Israeli people develop these industries and ultimately become leaders in these fields, to the benefit of the entire world!

Most people don’t realize that Zionism gave them these commonplace things [6]:

  • USB flash drives

  • Waze (real-time traffic monitoring/planning app)

  • Mobileye safe-driving cameras

  • Mobile phones (starting with Motorola)7

  • Israeli pressure bandages

  • VOIP phones

  • The “Guess Who?” boardgame

This is just a sampling of the innovations that Zionism brought out of nothing via the nation of Israel. Zionism has given—and continues to give—the world so much, so why is the world so hostile to Zionism?

Zionism has only ever asked to be left alone. It’s an exclusively Jewish thing to say, “We just want to be safe over here on our own and make the world better for everybody.” Unlike every other “-ology” or “-ism”, Zionism is a demonstrably advantageous philosophy for the entire world. Why does the world condemn Zionists/Jews?

There’s no easy answer, and we must never stop asking the question.


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