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Israel's History

Short answer...yes. 

Long's long story. 


“That's why when you're the only Jew in your class or among friends and Israel is brought up, everyone turns to you, Jew. That's why when you post "Shabbat Shalom" on your Instagram, the likelihood that someone will comment "#FreePalestine" is almost a guarantee. And finally, why synagogues and Hillels have been vandalized with the slogan "Free Palestine." Because when they say Zionist, they mean you, Jew.” - Naya Lecht


Israel represents 0.1% of the Middle East. It is the only Jewish state in the world. Here's how we got our borders. 


This conflict didn't start on October 7th. It didn't start in 1948. Arabs have refused to live in peace with Jews for centuries. 

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