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Israel Under Attack

Iran has launched attack drones against Israel. Israel is on high alert. Here are the things I'm watching right now.

  1. Drones will take hours to arrive. Are they a distraction? Are cruise missiles following? This could be an attempt to overwhelm Israel's air defenses.

  2. Which fronts will attack? Iran has proxies in Gaza, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen...etc. Are the drones providing cover for a proxy attack? The border with Lebanon where hezbollah is located is certainly concerning.

  3. How will Israel respond? This is the first time Iran has attacked from its own soil, but they have been attacking Israel through proxies for years. Israel likely has the plans and ability to strike significant sites in Iran. The strikes coming from proxies have kept the conflict from becoming a direct, regional war. The severity of Iran's attack will determine how this escalates.

  4. No one wants to look weak here. Iran was certainly embarrassed when their generals were killed in Syria. They may overreact to save face. Israel will certainly not want any country to know they can attack with impunity.

  5. What will Arab countries do? Early signs indicate that Jordan will shoot down Iranian drones over their airspace. This type of cooperation would be incredible. Remember, Iran is scene as a looming evil in the region be Israel and many Arab countries as well.

I'm getting my news from The Times of Israel. I recommend you follow for updates.

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